How To | Outdoor Planters

Just because we don't offer a kit for our outdoor planters doesn't mean you cannot make one on your own!  Here are our tips to creating your own planters for the holiday season!

  • utilize your summer garden pots for their height and beauty, keeping the soil inside them 
  • you can create your holiday planter directly into your garden planter, just fill the negative space with bunched up chicken wire
  • you can also create your planter in a pail and insert the pail into the garden planter to sit atop the soil (if your pots are outdoors, bring them in to thaw in case you need to dig it down for a proper fit)
  • for a large full planter like you see in our photos, we recommend 3 full bunches of greenery (any mix will do but we do recommend douglas fir over silver fir for planters), for smaller planters 2 bunches of greenery is recommended
  • no other decor is truly necessary to fill so anything else that you choose is purely to your own taste, we love the look of the sugar cones and  if you do too we recommend 2 for large planters and 1 for smaller planters
  • magnolia and eucalyptus are also highly recommended to add colour and texture, half to one bunch of magnolia is suitable for larger planters, and a half bunch will do just fine in smaller plants.  For eucalyptus at least a half bunch for a larger planter and one quarter to half for a smaller planter, any or all of the three varieties offered are lovely for holiday planters!
  • make your planters your own!  Add foraged goods or holiday ribbons, make it sparkle with twinkle lights.....the options are truly endless

Happy Holidays Everyone!