Workshop Policies

In an effort to be as transparent as possible with regards to any workshops hosted by Hawthorn Floral Atelier, please review the following policies before registering.


 Standard Workshop Policies

  • Our no cancellation, non-transferable policy remains in place as it always has in years passed.  Should you not be able to attend for ANY reason, you are more than welcome to have another person attend in your place.  If you're not able to find someone to take your place, or simply don't want to, we will be more than happy to deliver your workshop materials to your home address within the Warman/Saskatoon area free of charge the following day, or you may arrange for pickup of your kit.
  • Mature children ages 11 to 17 years must attend with another paying adult.  We thank you for respecting this policy and ask that any children under the age of 11 not attend
  • We do not guarantee any food served at our workshops to be free of allergens.  If you have a severe food allergy, please contact us so we can try our very best to accommodate you.


Covid-19 Policies

  • We will be adhering to all rules and restrictions in place for our venues at the time of the workshop.  As of today, this means no restrictions are in place.  
  • We will be utilizing large gathering spaces which will allow for suitable spacing between individuals and groups.  If you are registering separately but would like to be grouped together, please send us an email so we can setup accordingly. 
  • Please, and most obvious, do not attend a workshop if you are feeling ill in any way.


    Thank you to everyone considering attending a workshop!  It means so very much and I really look forward to creating with all of you.